West Penn Laco History

Family owned and operated, since 1928, West Penn Lacquer, now known as West Penn Laco, started in business as the first supplier of automotive lacquer coating to the Pittsburgh market. In 1931 West Penn Lacquer switched suppliers to Rinshed-Mason (R-M), now BASF, becoming one of the first twenty-five R-M Jobbers in the United States.

In the forties West Penn Laco recognized the customer value of delivery trucks but the war effort made acquiring trucks difficult. A Plymouth Coupe was modified by removing the trunk lid enabling it to accommodate 55 gallon drums of thinner and other automotive refinishing products. As West Penn Laco's transformation into the delivery business began in earnest, a Studebaker was acquired in 1948 and permitted expansion into the gas and welding supply business. The 1970's saw enormous growth in industrial and medical gases and what was once a side business became a much larger part of the business. West Penn Laco, starting with a single location in East Liberty added stores in Millvale in 1954, the South Hills in 1961, Northside in 1968, and Moon Township in 1991.

Today, West Penn Laco is Western Pennsylvania's most trusted source for automotive refinishing, welding and industrial gas needs. Our client portfolio includes businesses in the automotive refinishing, construction, fabrication, manufacturing, HVAC, medical research and utility industries.

West Penn Laco's team of sales and service experts can assist you with technical expertise and product demonstrations. We sell and service the finest product lines at competitive prices.

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